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US federal and state corporate tax planning and compliance

As more and more Canadian businesses expand into US markets, it becomes extremely important to comply with complex US tax rules. The IRS imposes significant penalties for failure to file proper returns, and each state has its own tax laws that can differ from the federal rules. We can help your business navigate complicated tax rules, assess the potential exposure and assist you with US federal and state tax compliance and reporting.

US personal tax planning and compliance

US citizens living outside of the US are required to report their worldwide income and assets. The reporting requirements can become burdensome and costly. We can assist you with your personal US tax returns and information forms.

Canadian citizens working in the US must file a US tax return. We can assist with preparation of non-resident US personal tax returns.

Tax reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law in December of 2017 and introduced a major overhaul of the US taxation system. TCJA brought forward significant changes for corporations, such as reduction of the corporate tax rate and the elimination of certain deductions and credits. In addition, TCJA introduced numerous international tax provisions that will impact the way most businesses will structure their operations.

This tax reform also introduced a new pass-through deduction for individuals. Some of the other changes for individual taxation include changes to the tax brackets, elimination of personal exemptions and limitation of the state and local taxes that can be claimed as itemized deductions.

We can guide your business through the complexities of the new US tax regime and help you and your business optimize the corporate structure.

Tax representation

We are authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS with a wide range of services geared towards personal and business taxes. If you haven’t filed last year’s tax returns or owe back taxes, we can work with you to become compliant. We can evaluate if an individual qualifies for a voluntary disclosure program and can also work with you and the IRS to resolve any other tax issues such as civil penalties, notices of tax levies and offers in compromise.

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